// posted  December 12th, 2017


Roland Muna of Wettengel Elementary School won Third Place overall in the PBS Guam Family Read-a-Thon Contest which took place from Aug. 25 – Sept. 15, 2017.  Roland submitted $310 total pledges to PBS Guam. The awards ceremony was hosted by GO PLAY with family and friends. Roland’s prizes includes a DVD player, a book, PBS Kids tote bag, PBS Kids shirt, $25 Tango movie gift card. In addition, he receives a $50 gift certificate from Tony Roma’s, STEM Robotics, Game Design & Math Edge sessions from Sylvan Learning valued at $199, $30 gift certificate from Twinkles, gift certificates from Underwater World, value meals from McDonald’s and Burger King, gift certificate from Tarza Waterpark, Guam Homeland Security goodies, and gift certificates from Infusion and GO PLAY! Presenting the award is pictured left to right are Crystal Nelson, Managing Director of Sylvan Learning, Joey Franquez, Board Member of PBS Guam, Rosemary Clement, Board Member of PBS Guam, Donovan Brooks, Chairman of the Board for PBS Guam, Melinda Miguel, Roland’s teacher, Evangeline Iglesias, Principal, Romina Muna, Roland’s mom, Roland Muna, 3rd Place Winner, Benjamin Muna, Roland’s dad,  Lorraine Hernandez, (acting) General Manager for PBS Guam, Mika Gibson, Maria Ramos and Sandra Chan, Co-Owners of GO PLAY!

- Team PBS Guam