Antiques Roadshow

It’s a year of innovation ahead at ANTIQUES ROADSHOW with celebratory Season 25 featuring new episodes and specials airing in 2021! Full of intriguing energy and interest, three ROADSHOW specials are reimagined into the first-ever ANTIQUES ROADSHOW celebrity episodes. The special celebrity series will share stories of each celebrity’s favorite items—their personal treasures—inherited, gifted, and collected by them, as ROADSHOW experts go into their homes to share knowledge, appraising and giving insights into what they own, providing an opportunity to explore history through their personal stories. Also in Season 25, a documentary-style multi-platform special giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what happened to some of ROADSHOW’s most famous finds after the TV cameras left town. These exciting shows will be joined by a host of themed-specials and fan-favorite Vintage episodes—a winning combination for this enduring show, the most-watched ongoing PBS series!

Sunday, 11:00pm-12:00 a.m.