THE KAMLA SHOW from Silicon  Valley

“Women in Science and Technology in Silicon Valley” – The series features scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, rocket scientist and an astronomer, who share their journey and how they discovered their love for science and math.

Sundays, 6:00-6:30 p.m. (Premieres July 15, 2018)


Episode One:  Suzanne Frey of Google – Kamla talks to Suzanne Frey, Director, Trust, Security, Privacy, Google Apps at Google.  Frey has a liberal arts degree from Wellesley College and ended up working in the technology sector.  After working for a few years, Frey decided to get an MBA from MIT and was on her way to becoming an entrepreneur when she got an offer from Google.  She joined Google over 10 years ago and is a founding member of Google’s global Women @ leadership organization.