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PBS Guam has come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1970, and we’re proud to continue the tradition of providing our viewers with outstanding television, educational outreach services and events.

As your island PBS station, we hope you will join us and become an integral part of PBS GUAM. As such, your input
is a valuable tool to assist us with our mission. We welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions, please feel free to call us or use our simple online contact form.

Financial Statements

PBS Guam provides the station’s annual financial statements and other public documents, including the Public Inspection file, online.  Visit the Public Inspection Files page of our website.

Our Commitment to You

PBS GUAM is committed to serving the public interest by providing the people of Guam with quality educational and cultural programming which will not only entertain, but offer important information about the world around us. We have an obligation to maintain an honest, professional and open relationship with our community. To accomplish this mission, our goal must be one of providing alternatives to current commercial television, providing educational assistance to our classrooms, and serving the interest not only of the majority, but the minority as well.

We seek the means to inform the public of the importance of public broadcasting, and to secure the support, both financial and moral from the public we serve.

As Only PBS Can Deliver

We offer viewers—from every walk of life—the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and online content. Nationally, PBS reaches more than 120 million people through television and nearly 21 million people online, inviting them to experience the worlds of science, history, nature and public affairs; to hear diverse viewpoints; and to take front row seats to world-class drama and performances.

PBS’ broad array of programs has been consistently honored by the industry’s most coveted award competitions. Teachers of children from pre-K through 12th grade turn to PBS for digital content and services that help bring classroom lessons to life. PBS’ premier children’s TV programming remains parents and teachers most trusted partners in inspiring and nurturing curiosity and love of learning in children. More information about PBS is available at pbs.org.

Our History—Serving Viewers Like You for 40 Years



PBS Guam upgraded to PBS’s new sIX Interconnection system.  This system is designed to move some content from expensive satellite transponders to a terrestrial fiber-based system.   sIX will eventually be cheaper and more versatile. The implementation of this system will also cut down on costly satellite capacity. and allow the further automation of master-control operations.






PBS GUAM began the federally mandated process of digitization with the installation of a digital-ready tower and antenna. This was the first step in the still ongoing process of making and keeping PBS GUAM as technologically advanced as any PBS affiliate in the country.

Won Professional Achievement & Performance Award

The station was awarded the Professional Achievement & Performance Award—Setbenten I Kuminidat by the Micronesia Society of Professional Journalists. Channel 12 has also been recognized for excellence by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The International Reading Association and The Government of Guam.

PBS GUAM won the Media Representative Award

PBS GUAM won the Media Representative of the Year Award, presented by the Guam Developmental Disabilities Council for providing production services for the benefit of the disabled people.

Constructed a new facility

PBS GUAM constructed a new 5000 square-foot facility funded entirely through private contributions. The new offices and studios replaced the condemned Butler-type building which housed PBS GUAM for many years.

Purchased a remote broadcast vehicle

PBS GUAM purchased a state-of-the-art remote broadcast vehicle that provides Channel 12 the capability to offer complete coverage of live and recorded events and shows, as well as contract production

12th Guam Legislature

The 12th Guam Legislature passed P.L. 12-194 which created a nonprofit, public corporation to operate PBS GUAM. That law went into effect on July 1, 1975 creating what is known today as the Guam Educational Telecommunications Corporation with a seven-member Board of Trustees to oversee its operations and a General Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation and administers its programs, policies and the facility used for and in the production and transmission of the Corporation’s programs.

In the beginning, PBS GUAM had a staff of five and a programming day of 4 1/2 hours, Monday through Friday. Today PBS GUAM is staffed with over 20 professionals and broadcasts from 6:00 am to Midnight, seven days a week.


Guam’s Public Broadcasting Service

PBS GUAM Channel 12, signed on the air. The station was initially funded by a $150,000 grant from the federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare, along with $50,000 from the Government of Guam. Executive Order 70-6 created the Guam Telecommunications Commission, which was the licensee and operator of station PBS GUAM licensed to the Federal Communications Commission.

About Closed Captioning Closed Captioning is a service which allows persons with hearing disabilities to read dialogue or the audio portion of a video, film or other presentation on the television screen.

If you would like to learn more about Closed Captioning, visit FCC.gov.

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