What it means to be a PBS GUAM volunteer...

“Becoming a volunteer is a wonderful way for me to support the station. The staff & volunteers are fun and enthusiastic. I’m glad to be part of a group that cares about the entire island and our future. ” “Everyone at PBS GUAM is like a family. I’ve extended mine by joining the great PBS GUAM family.” “I’m able to help impact the lives of so many. Various educational programs truly make a difference on the island. It’s much more than just TV, PBS GUAM is a valuable jewel for all of us and generations yet to come. “I had no idea that the station is so much more than TV. Volunteering is a fabulous way for me to support the station.”

Making a Difference

A tradition of commitment to PBS GUAM


Beginning in 1970 and through out our history, volunteers and PBS GUAM have enjoyed a rich and rewarding partnership.Today, our volunteers continue to make a valuable contribution to the station. Volunteers assist our staff in the PBS GUAM offices, helping out at our events, community outreach activities, and help with our membership campaigns.
We simply could not provide you the outstanding programming and services we do without their dedication and support.

Volunteering is a great way to experience public television and contribute to an important community institution. Become a volunteer and help with on-air fundraising campaigns, outreach initiatives, fundraisers, and other station-sponsored activities. In addition, PBS GUAM needs volunteers to assist with office work and larger special events, such as the annual PBS GUAM Family Read-a-thon and the live broadcast of the annual Guam Liberation Day Parade.



A few hours of your time is a fun and valuable way to get involved; and equally important is the outstanding impact your time makes for the station. We offer a variety of opportunities:
Office Help: (weekdays/daytime): Answer phones, make phone calls, or help with photocopying, faxing, typing, mailing projects, or other office activites.

Events: Like to be in public? These event opportunities are fun, plus you get first hand exposure on how far-reaching our impact really is. It’s truly a pleasure when you help others. We’re looking for people to assist us with the PBS GUAM Family Read-a-thon and other events.

Photography: Catch them smiling when you snap photos at PBS GUAM special events!

Membership Campagins/Pledge Drives: Answer phones (individually or coordinate a group), donate food, request food donations, greet volunteers, provide volunteer phone training, organize and distribute pitch cards for pledge talent, or help with behind-the-scenes activities such as camera work or paperwork.

Perhaps you have a volunteer idea that we haven’t thought of—give us a call at
671-734-5483 or contact us and let us know—we’re open to new ideas.