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Membership Services

Call PBS GUAM at 671-734-5483 and ask for our Membership staff or use our online form.

Comments or Questions

We value your input and invite you to call, write or e-mail us. You’ll find numbers on our contact us page.

Technical Assistance

Having technical difficulties with our site? Call us, use our online form or e-mail our website administrator.

Where do I find more information about PBS GUAM?

We invite you to visit our About Us page on our website.

How do I contact PBS GUAM?

Visit our Contact Us page where you’ll find phone numbers, an online contact form, e-mail addresses and a directory of some of our staff members.

How do I contribute to PBS GUAM?

Thanks for asking! We invite you to check out our membership or sponsorship web pages to learn how you can assist PBS GUAM with it’s important mission.

How may I become a PBS GUAM volunteer?

Thanks for asking! Volunteering your time is a great way to get involved and support the efforts of the station. Visit the volunteering section of our website, then call the station at 671-734-5483 or e-mail us today!

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