Educational Outreach

An important part of the PBS GUAM mission is to help children succeed in school. Not only do we broadcast the best quality and most educational programs on television for kids, but we also move beyond the family living room to engage and inspire children to be ready and eager to learn.

We help educate parents, childcare providers, teachers and children on a variety of topics that expand and enrich their lives. We have improved the prospects of low literate, low income, English as a second language, rural and special needs families through literacy and child development workshops.

As part of the PBS network, we offer an incredible array of entertaining and educational programs for children and outstanding resources for families, educators and childcare providers.

Ready To Learn
Ready to Learn’s goal is to assist parents and teachers with ideas on how to be Ready to Teach.

Share A Story
Inspiring adults and others to help change the future of children through reading.

Raising Readers
Valuable content to help improve the literacy skills of children ages two through eight.

Clear and concise information regarding the real benefits of PBS GUAM and the exceptional value of our programming.

A variety of quality resources to help parents, educators and childcare providers make good choices.

Smart Television
View guidelines to help ensure that you’re selecting programs which are positive learning tools for children.

Plus… Using PBS GUAM in your Childcare Program.
Get great information about incorporating our quality programming with your childcare program.