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October 2021

  • 10/1 Damien Lee
  • 10/1 Landon Gonzales
  • 10/3 Ariel Rosario
  • 10/7 Ava Daniel
  • 10/7 Evan Grey
  • 10/9 Amahri Hall
  • 10/9 Theiah Chaco
  • 10/12 Kahlid Martin
  • 10/16 Aria Martinez
  • 10/19 Riley Chargualaf
  • 10/19 Rhyden Quichocho
  • 10/28 Amelia Aguon
  • 10/28 Jayden Matanane
  • 10/28 Maebel Soberano
  • 10/30 Georgia Kemmerlin
  • 10/30 Mia Manglona
  • 10/31 Lucas Raymundo


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