For Parents and Educators

We’ve done the research and we’re pleased to provide you with the following resources that you can trust and rely on. There’s a wealth of valuable information for everyone.From childcare providers and educators to parents, grandparents and other members of your family you’re sure to find important, valuable and trustworthy information.

PBS GUAM is committed to advancing and promoting educational excellence in both children and adults. Since 1970, we have offered free and accessible educational content which provides the public with lifelong learning opportunities through a dynamic line up of quality national, regional and local programs. PBS GUAM makes every effort to strengthen the impact of our programs and educational mission; and partnering with community groups and island organizations helps us to expand and enrich learning opportunities and services for children, families, educators, and caregivers.

Local Resources

Guam CEDDARS (Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service)

Guam Commission for Educator Certification

Guam Community College

Guam Department of Education

Guam Public Library System

International Reading Association—Guam Council

University of Guam

War in the Pacific National Historical Park

National Resources

Parenting Counts This website offers best parenting practices with research-based information about how children think, feel and learn.

PBS KIDS PBS children’s programming, both on-air and on the web, for kids ages 2–6.

PBS Kids Island For emerging readers, this website guides children through 7 different literacy-building levels, including rhyming, letter identification, alliteration, phonics, letter sequencing, phonemic awareness and reading/vocabulary. A progress tracker assists parents and teachers.

PBS Parents Website with information and advice on child development issues as well as educational activities.

PBS Teacherline Website for professional development resources and online courses for teachers PreK–12.

Raising Readers A research-based literacy initiative that uses PBS Kids programs and multimedia content to help improve the literacy skills of children ages 2 through 8.