Link to One of America’s Most Trusted Brands

A partnership that builds your marketing power
and makes a difference here on Guam.

Your company or organization’s involvement with PBS GUAM offers an outstanding opportunity to have a positive impact with your audience while effectively communicating your message through our unique, clutter-free, medium.

We offer a variety of marketing opportunities via our website, on-air membership drives, promotional tie-ins, community outreach, special events, and on-air underwriting credit. No commercial broadcaster or cable network can offer such community- and member-based marketing possibilities to its sponsors.


When you partner with PBS GUAM, you receive the following benefits:

—Spotlight your company in an uncluttered broadcast environment with an outstanding reach to island residents.
—Instantly associate your business with quality, dignity and trust.
—Demonstrate your leadership, social responsibility, and interest in improving the quality of life here on Guam.


Underwriting PBS GUAM

PBS GUAM and PBS have a reputation for providing the highest quality programs on television. Award winners such as Frontline, Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, This Old House, and American Experience are just some of the fine offerings on our air, each within its targeted genre. Your underwriting message reaches an audience dominated by viewers who are well-educated, affluent, and often influential in their communities. Your business can reach a highly desirable, targeted audience by underwriting programs on PBS GUAM.

To explore the outstanding Underwriting opportunities available, contact PBS GUAM via telephone at 671-734-5483 or use our online contact form. View our current sponsors and underwriters.


Event and Outreach Sponsorship

PBS GUAM’s popular, high quality events present high-profile corporate sponsorship opportunities! Target your audience and gain exposure by partnering with one of America’s most trusted brands.

Partnering with PBS GUAM through Event or Outreach Sponsorship underlines your corporate commitment to make a meaningful contribution to our community. And almost two-thirds of PBS viewers are more likely to purchase the product or service of a PBS corporate sponsor. Event and Outreach Sponsorships are flexible and can be tailored to meet your business’s needs.


Your Message is Loud and Clear

With less non-programming minutes per hour than any of the commercial networks, public television delivers your message in the program-rich, clutter-free environment that our viewers have come to expect and appreciate.


The Result

Your business or organization gains the appreciation of the public television audience that values the non-commercial and uninterrupted programming made possible, in part, by your sponsorship.


From Paula Kerger, PBS President and CEO

“PBS is deeply honored to serve as America’s most trusted institution for the past four years,” said Paula Kerger, PBS President and Chief Executive Officer. “This is something we don’t take lightly. PBS and its member stations strive each day to honor the trust the public has placed in us, and we look forward to continue serving the American people for many years to come.”

Additional survey highlights:
—PBS remains #1 in public trust, with 49% trusting PBS a great deal. Second in trust are “courts of law,” which are trusted a great deal by 27%.

—For the first time, PBS ties with military defense as #1 in tax value among 20 federally funded services and institutions, with 20% stating it as an excellent value for tax dollars.

—Americans are more satisfied with programs on PBS compared to cable and commercial broadcast. Thirty nine percent stated they were “very satisfied” with PBS programs, while Cable programming received 25% and commercial broadcasting programming, 20%.

—The majority of Americans think it’s very important to have public television (59%). Only two out of five Americans think the same about commercial broadcast television (41%) while even less think it’s very important that we have cable television (38%).

—PBS remains the network with the most trusted news and public affairs programming, with 41% trusting its programs a great deal. CNN and Fox News trailed as second and third with 28% and 25%, respectively.

—Forty-three percent of Americans rated the news coverage, investigations and discussions of major issues on PBS programs as mostly fair. NBC came in second at 37%.

—Half of Americans believe the federal funding PBS receives is “too little.” When informed that public broadcasting receives 15% of its funding from the government, and that this amount translates to about one dollar per person per year of government support, 49% believe this amount is “too little.”

“These results show once again that the American public believes they are getting their money’s worth in return for the funds that are invested in PBS. The public places great trust in PBS,” said Barry Feinberg, Managing Director of GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media.

To explore the outstanding Underwriting opportunities available, contact PBS GUAM via telephone at 671-734-5483 or use our online contact form. View our current sponsors and underwriters.