POV “A House Made of Splinters”

Near the frontlines in Eastern Ukraine, a safe haven provides refuge for children who have been temporarily separated from their parents. A House Made of Splinters chronicles three displaced kids who, despite the perils surrounding them, find moments of joy and friendship, with the aid of dedicated social workers who work tirelessly to protect them from harm.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 10:00 pm


Southern creators of literature, music, and film – Billy Bob Thornton, Adia Victoria, Jericho Brown, David Joy, and Mary Steenburgen – reveal deep bonds with the South and the indelible imprint the region has made on their lives and work.

Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:00 pm; Premieres Wednesday, July 19, 2023

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE “Plague at the Golden Gate”

The gripping story of the desperate race against time to save San Francisco and the nation from the deadly disease, Plague at the Golden Gate is based in part on David K. Randall’s critically acclaimed book, Black Death at the Golden Gate.

Sunday, July 16, 2023, 8:00 pm


Grantchester returns with Will happily married to Bonnie, and Geordie and Cathy content in their rebuilt relationship. But an accident and shocking announcements threaten the stability and happiness found by Grantchester’s vicar and police detective duo. Exploring faith, forgiveness, and redemption, this explosive season of Grantchester tests Will and Geordie to the limit.

Mondays at 9:00 pm

NOVA | The Planets

Among the stars in the night sky wander the eight-plus worlds of our own solar system—each home to truly awe-inspiring sights. Volcanoes three times higher than Everest, geysers erupting with icy plumes, cyclones larger than Earth lasting hundreds of years. Each of our celestial neighbors has a distinct personality and a unique story. In this five-part series, NOVA will explore the awesome beauty of “The Planets,” including Saturn’s 175,000-mile-wide rings, Mars’ ancient waterfalls four times the size of any found on Earth, and Neptune’s winds—12 times stronger than any hurricane felt on our planet. Using unique special effects and extraordinary footage captured by orbiters, landers and rovers, we’ll treat viewers to an up-close look at these faraway worlds.

Thursdays at 10:00 pm

“Inner Worlds”          July 6, 2023

“Mars”                       July 13, 2023

“Jupiter”                    July 20, 2023

“Saturn”                     July 27, 2023

“Ice Worlds”              August 3, 2023

PRESS RELEASE PBS Guam Annual Pledge Night 2023

Guam Educational Telecommunication Corporation
Phone: (671)734-KGTF (5483) * Fax: (671)734-3476 * P.O. Box 21449 GMF, Guam 96921

Website: http//www.pbsguam.org www.youtube.com/pbsguam

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PBS Guam Announces Pledge Night 2023: An Evening of Entertainment and Giving


[Mangilao, Guam] – PBS Guam is proud to announce its upcoming pledge night event, taking place on May 12, 2023, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm live from the Central Community Arts Hall in Sinajana. This special event will be a night to remember, featuring a lineup of high-quality programming and a chance for viewers to support PBS Guam & its mission of providing commercial-free content to the community.

In addition to broadcasting live on PBS Guam, KGTF TV Channel 12, the program will live stream on the PBS YouTube Channel, https://youtube.com/user/pbsguam/live, as well as on the PBS Video App (on any Apple or Android mobile device). PBS Guam will maintain its existing commitment to feature children’s programming daily, in addition to other educational shows.

“We’re thrilled to bring our viewers a night of television that truly makes a difference,” said Ina Carillo, General Manager of PBS Guam. “Not only will our programming inspire, inform, and entertain, but our viewers will also have the opportunity to support the station and help us continue to bring quality programming to our island.” The evening’s lineup will feature a variety of PBS Guam’s programming, locally produced programs and special performances. Viewers will have the opportunity to call in LIVE and pledge their support throughout the broadcast, with all proceeds going directly to PBS Guam to support their mission.
“We’re excited to be broadcasting live from the Central Community Arts Hall in Sinajana, and we can’t wait to share this special night with our viewers,” said Don Muna, Production Manager at PBS Guam. “We encourage everyone to tune in, enjoy the programming, and consider making a donation to help support the station.”
The PBS Guam pledge night is a unique opportunity for viewers to make a difference in their community while enjoying quality programming. Don’t miss this chance to show your support for PBS Guam and the valuable work they do.
For more information, visit www.pbsguam.org or call (671) 734-5483. Contact: Annie San Nicolas, [email protected]
– – –
PO BOX 21449, GMF, GUAM 96921 ● TEL: (671) 734-5483 ● EMAIL: [email protected] ● WWW.PBSGUAM.ORG

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PRESS RELEASE PBS Guam and GBHWC hold the Media Maker Bootcamp for Summer Youth

Guam Educational Telecommunication Corporation
Phone: (671)734-KGTF (5483) * Fax: (671)734-3476 * P.O. Box 21449 GMF, Guam 96921

Website: http//www.pbsguam.org www.youtube.com/pbsguam

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 15, 2022 [MANGILAO, GUAM] – PBS Guam, KGTF, Channel 12, the Office of the Governor of Guam, Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (GBHWC), and Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) conducted a Media Maker Boot camp – an evidence-based media literacy and substance abuse prevention program.

This 3-week summer program was held from June 06 through June 24 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Guam Community College (GCC) multi-purpose room (BLD #400) and will be conducted by certified media literacy staff from PBS Guam, GBHWC and GIFF. In this media-maker boot camp, students learned the fundamentals of all media communications, from copywriting to video production and walk away with hands-on training by the best media organizations in Guam and the Marianas.

The program was 4 hours in length every Monday through Friday beginning June 6, 2022, and ending Friday, June 24, 2022. The first 7 days of the program began with media literacy instruction and group activities focused on providing the student participants with the perspective of how to recognize and understand all aspects of media messaging and how media messaging influences their everyday decision-making. The remaining 8 days of the program focused on the application of media messaging as the student participants created their own media messages with the technical assistance of partner organizations, PBS Guam and GIFF.

Throughout the entire media literacy program, the PBS Guam production crew documented the students’ works in progress and highlight the program partners with the intent to promote the importance of media literacy within our community. Find the 30-minute television special on KGTF Channel 12, PBS Guam YouTube channel or by using this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE32xDzx0VI

Ina Carillo, General Manager of PBS Guam stated “Our work at PBS doesn’t stop at TV programming. We have been working within the community to enhance and enrich our island’s people through not only TV and other multi-media platforms, but through entertainment and education as well.” “We at PBS Guam are honored are excited to produce this boot camp and documentary. As we consume more and more media, we felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to educate our youth on media literacy; specifically, on understanding how media influences our decision making and lives overall.” said General Manager of PBS Guam, Ina V. Carillo.

Director of Guam Behavioral Health, Theresa Arriola states, “Media Literacy is a key skill for our island youth, especially with the amount of media messages that they are bombarded with in their day-to-day, throughout their environment, on social media or even during conversations with their peers.” “It is our privilege at GBHWC to be a major contributor for the Media Maker Boot Camp this past summer. We are proud of the youth who completed it! They now have heightened awareness of the different influences around them, and they feel more confident in choosing appropriate responses. I am sure that they will continue on to be leaders of their generation with their new-found skills in media making and passion for living positive healthy lifestyles.” said Director of Guam Behavioral Health, Theresa Arriola

Kel Muna, Guam International Film Festival Program Director stated, “The success of the Media Makers Boot camp is a testament to the power of media literacy and how those of all ages can use it to help themselves and their communities. Media literacy is like nutrition facts on a food label; if you know what to look for, you can make a more informed decision.”

“It’s always satisfying to witness the transformation of a youth’s perspective once they realize there is a formula to creating effective media messages. And it’s the understanding of why media messages are a certain way that compliments the youth’s already developed skillset of how to create media content. With the two combined, allows for healthier decision making when exposed to negatively persuasive media, which is the sole purpose of the media maker partnership with GBHWC, GCC and GIFF.” Don Muna, Executive Producer of PBS Guam.

This program is partially funded by the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, through the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), award #s: 1B08T1083443-01, 6B08T1083443-01M002 and M003.

ABOUT PBS GUAM, KGTF, CHANNEL 12: For over 52 years, PBS Guam KGTF Channel 12 has been serving the island community of Guam by providing quality and meaningful programming that aims to educate, inform and inspire viewers of all walks of life. ###

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PRESS RELEASE PBS Guam to Launch Community News Programming May 4, 2022

Guam Educational Telecommunication Corporation

Phone: (671)734-KGTF (5483) * Fax: (671)734-3476 * P.O. Box 21449 GMF, Guam 96921
Website: http//www.pbsguam.org www.youtube.com/pbsguam
www.facebook.com/pbsguam www.instagram.com/pbsguam



PBS Guam to Launch Community News Programming

[Mangilao, Guam] – In line with the national PBS affiliate counterparts, PBS Guam is excited to announce the launch of a local morning news program starting Monday, May 9, 2022, at 7 a.m. BUENAS will feature interviews with policymakers, public servants, leaders in the private sector, and other representatives from the community, as well as provide information on upcoming community programs and events.
“This new program fulfills a commitment to the national Public Broadcasting Service and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to provide more local programming and, specifically, a local news program which will enrich and inform our community,” said PBS Guam General Manager Ina Marie V. Carillo. “For more than 45 years, millions of people in the US have turned to PBS NewsHour for the solid, reliable reporting that has made it one of the most trusted news programs on television and online. We hope that with the launch of our new program BUENAS, we will continue to build on the reputation of PBS as a trusted news source and begin an exciting new chapter in local news programming in Guam.”

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Donovan Brooks said, “I am extremely happy to see PBS Guam join the ranks of Guam’s news and information media. I believe the station has much to offer and is poised to make a solid contribution to our community.”

“My experience in media has allowed me to listen to and provide a platform for community members and public stakeholders alike to voice their concerns and solutions for Guam,” said BUENAS Host Pauly Suba. “It’s exciting to be part of the PBS family. It’s even more exciting to start each day covering the morning’s headlines and addressing the issues with deeper conversations that concern the PBS Audience.”
In addition to broadcasting live on PBS Guam, KGTF Channel 12, the program will livestream on the PBS YouTube Channel, https://youtube.com/user/pbsguam/live, as well as on the PBS Guam Facebook page. PBS Guam will maintain its existing commitment to feature children’s programming daily, in addition to other educational shows.

For more information, contact Pauly Suba at (671) 734-5483 or visit www.pbsguam.org. To send a news tip, email [email protected]. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram at @pbsguam.


Guam Educational Telecommunication Corporation

Phone: (671)734-KGTF (5483) * Fax: (671)734-3476 * P.O. Box 21449 GMF, Guam 96921
Website: http//www.pbsguam.org www.youtube.com/pbsguam
www.facebook.com/pbsguam www.instagram.com/pbsguam

Pauly Suba has spent the last seven years in local media broadcasting at Sorensen Media Group. He had his hand in everything from marketing to radio and TV broadcasting, and he recently served as news director/news anchor and talk show host. Pauly offers a fresh, thoughtful perspective and looks forward to continuing to report fair and informative news that concerns the people of Guam and the region. Pauly has been married to his best friend, Tash, for almost 20 years, and they have three children, Alex, Ava, and Aaron, and their dogs, Rocket, and Drax.



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PBS Guam Received $500,000 of state of the art production equipment for its Mangilao studio April 11, 2022


Guam Educational Telecommunication Corporation

Phone: (671) 734-KGTF (5483)

Fax: (671) 734-3476

P.O. Box 21449 GMF, Guam 96921







April 11, 2022

PBS Guam Received $500,000 Of State Of The Art Production Equipment For Its Mangilao Studio [Mangilao, Guam] A presentation was made Friday, April 8th to The Guam Educational  Telecommunication Corporation, aka PBS Guam by Lt Governor Joshua Tenorio on behalf of the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration. PBS Guam was awarded over $500,000 worth of state of the art production equipment intended to upgrade the studio and meet FCC guidelines.

The equipment was procured using a Department of Interior Technical Assistant grant awarded to PBS with the assistance of the Guam State Clearinghouse under the direction of the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration.

“Under the leadership of an excellent board and engaged General Manager, PBS has been able to make its case, “you can see the prioritization and the modernization, and it’s really  eartwarming.” Stated Lt. Governor Tenorio

“PBS has been broadcasting for generations, not only high-quality educational content, but using its platform to keep our community connected, and now with your hard work, you’ve weathered the storm, and continue to be a PBS station our island can be proud of.” Stated Vice Speaker Muña Barnes, the oversight chair for KGTF 12 PBS Guam

“A sea change is defined as profound and notable transformation, and that’s what occurred under the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration and General Manager Ina Carillo.” Stated Donovan Brooks, board chairman of the KGTF 12 Board of Directors.

“The unwavering support of The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration and the talented and committed staff of PBS has brought a new anticipatory energy to our station with employees wondering what can we accomplish next, and that is truly exciting.” stated Carillo, General Manager PBS Guam.

Together the administration and PBS Guam are working towards more exciting expansions to come to include a full station renovation of the Mangilao office and the addition of over 2000 square feet of office and create space.

The full presentation can be found on the GovGuam Live YouTube Channel or by following this link:

For more information, please contact PBS Guam at
734-5483 or visit www.pbsguam.org.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram @pbsguam or visit our website
at www.pbsguam.org.


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GDOE to Launch PBS University in Collaboration With PBS Guam

The Guam Department of Education (GDOE), in collaboration with the ​Public Broadcast System Guam​ (PBS Guam), is excited to announce the launch of a televised at-home learning resource known as PBS University for students this month. This new resource will complement weekly online lesson plans that are available at the GDOE Home Learning Resources website, and the “Grab and Learn” packet distributions at schools which began earlier this month.

PBS University will provide students with televised instruction in subject areas such as literacy, mathematics, and character development. The program was made possible through a partnership between PBS Guam and the GDOE Division of Curriculum and Instruction. GDOE and PBS Guam collaborated with public school teachers to create lessons that students will be able to easily follow, with the aim of helping students to continue their learning at home. Parents and students are encouraged to tune into the PBS University programming which will launch on ​Monday, April 20, 2020 on KGTF channel 12​.
“We would like to thank PBS for reaching out to us with this opportunity to reach and impact our students during these uncertain times,” said GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez. “We want to use this unique platform to promote student learning with instruction that is presented in a fun and exciting way with familiar faces.”

“The lessons are compact but informative,” GDOE Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Joe Sanchez said. “They are intended to provide both parents and students with a unique educational experience that they would not usually be able to experience together. It is a family effort and we encourage all to take advantage of these episodes to continue the learning process at home.”

“PBS Guam recognizes the importance of having as many educational tools in the home while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, PBS Guam has worked hard to gather its resources and present them to our community,” PBS Guam General Manager Ina Carillo said. “With the launch of our second channel PBS Kids 24/7 and PBS LearningMedia in the past few weeks, this partnership to produce PBS University with Superintendent Fernandez and GDOE, is the perfect fit.”

The PBS University broadcasts will mirror weekly lessons found on the GDOE Home Learning Resources website. The broadcasts will continue throughout the duration of the school year and into summer. Episodes for content will air on Mondays and Tuesdays with repeats throughout the week. The tentative schedule is as follows, beginning on Monday, April 20, 2020:

Students and families may access the GDOE Home Learning Resource website by visiting http://sites.google.com/gdoe.net/lessons-and-tips​ or through the GDOE main page at www.gdoe.net. The website will also include links to the episodes that have been aired. All videos will be available to view on the GDOE and the PBS Guam YouTube channels in the future. For more information regarding the PBS University, please contact Ernest Ochoco at [email protected]​ or Frank Candaso at ​[email protected]​.